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KATT Modular Access Ladders

KATT modular access ladders are an extremely versatile range of fixed Ladders for providing access to roofs,or between varying levels of roof.


KATT modular access ladders are an extremely versatile range of fixed ladders for providing access to roofs, or between varying levels of roofs.


They can be used at angles from 75 degrees to vertical and can be supplied complete with fall arrest cages and landing platforms. The system has a unique, precision design, which ensures a high level of safety and confidence for maintenance personnel.


Easy delivery

KATT ladders are made up of lightweight components and are delivered as a flatpack kit, which ensures easier handling and significant savings on freight costs.


The components can be simply manhandled to the required location or crane lifted once at the destination.


Simple, on-site assembly

Each ladder is provided with all the necessary fasteners and attachment hardware. By cutting the lower ladder body to the required length, the system can be built to suit exact site requirements. Often, fabricated ladders are delivered to site and the critical dimensions, or the spacing of fixing brackets, are incorrect. Then there are costs and time delays whilst the fabrication is adjusted. With the modular KATT ladder system, you simply build the kit to suit the site layout.


Safe and easy to use

The wider ladder body and unique, profiled anti-slip rung design ensures increased user confidence and safety.



All KATT ladders are manufactured to comply with the relevant British Standards BS4211:2005 and A1:2008

Walkovers or Platforms

 Walkovers or Platforms are a bespoke product. Whether the need is to provide access between adjacent roofs or to bridge pipe work or walls, we can design a walkover to solve the problem.

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