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Our guardrail systems are easy to install, resulting in a short installation period. This enables you to save on the installation costs. We distinguish two types of guardrails: free-standing and fixed.

Freestanding Guardrails

This type of guardrail is not fixed to the (roof) surface. It is held in place by heavy counterweights (approx. 23 kg/50 lbs each) placed on the horizontal beam of the guardrail. The advantage of these guardrails is that they can be removed if needed. Furthermore, no drilling is necessary to mount the system.

Fixed Guardrails


This type of guardrail is, as the name suggests, fixed to the surface. In general, this guardrail is mounted to a roof surface or parapet.


The advantage is that the guardrail system is always present and safe access to the roof is always possible for anyone.

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