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Providing a range of highly innovative fall protection systems. Our solutions preserve a building’s esthetic appeal and protect both the user and the structure in case of a fall. Our offer includes guardrails, lifeline systems, single anchor points and personal protective equipment, With full design and installation service.

                                                                 Horizontal Lifeline Systems


If guardrails are not a feasible option for your project: our lifeline systems offer absolute safety. With a horizontal lifeline system, a user wears a harness that is connected to permanent steel cable track that runs through multiple anchor points fixed in the roof.


Roof Angel is designed so that it is able to accommodate corners and various building shapes; so that it is aesthetically flexible, with low profile posts and comprehensive fixing options suitable for all roof types including standing seam, composite, built up, secret fix and membrane roofs; and so that it conforms to CEN /TS 16415:2013 and EN795:2012 Types A & C.



The Roof Angel Horizontal Lifeline System combines the high specification you expect with additional cost-effective features for lasting added-value.





Walk Angel walkways allow you to traverse roofs safely, maintaining the integrity of the roof. Designed to be as user friendly as possible, Walk Angel is easy to install and use. Each segment is constructed from sturdy GRP and PVC and features a flush fit joining system, as well as a non-slip surface: this ensures minimal trip risk in all weather conditions.



The pieces are guaranteed not to warp, split or twist, meaning you’ll have a walkway you can rely on throughout each job. It’s even fire retardant: so whatever the situation, Walk Angel is sure to weather it brilliantly.

safety line



Guardrails offer collective protection to an unlimited number of people. They are usually placed at the roof edge, or along the path from a roof entry to the safe zone. Guardrails offer 100% fall prevention. Most importantly, no user knowledge is required.


With guardrails, you can easily turn the entire roof into a safe zone. That means that workers do not need to wear any Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) on the roof.

                                                                            Single Anchor





Weight Angel and Roof Angel can be used in conjunction with each other to create a non-penetrative horizontal lifeline.


To be classified as restraint, the position of the anchorage and cable systems, used with the correct length of the lanyard must ensure it is not possible to approach within 500mm of a roof edge or other opening where a fall risk is present.



walk  over

Walk Overs

 Walkovers or platforms are a bespoke product. Whether the need is to provide access between adjacent roofs or to bridge pipe work or walls, we can design a walkover to solve the problem.

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